Reliable Art Conservation in Deerfield Beach, FL

Rome is an extremely old city with a staggeringly rich history and some of the most priceless works of art in all the world. In fact, it seems like you can stand on any street corner in the city and be no more than a stone’s throw from some famous work of art or architecture. These bastions of human history are not immune to the inedibility of entropy however. Moisture and time are the culprits that led to the restoration of many a famous work of art, including Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel.  Painted between 1508 and 1512, the Sistine Chapel has long been at the center of Vatican activity due to the massive frescoes which adorn the walls. The paint and plaster has undergone several restoration projects in the 500 years since Michelangelo completed the work and that has allowed the modern generation to enjoy the frescoes as was intended by the artist.

The beautiful murals on the walls and ceiling of the Sistine Chapel needed significant restoration for a variety of problems including cracks in the plaster, fading and chipping paint, carbon dioxide damage, water damage among other issues. Restoring art is best conducted by someone who has extensive experience working in the field. Restoring a painting in your living room is one thing, but something as significant as the Sistine Chapel need the utmost care and precision.

Art doesn’t have to be world-renowned in order for it to be worthy of a restoration. The beauty of art is that it is subjective, meaning everyone can draw something different from a piece of work. Plenty of people come to Key Largo Framing in search of art restoration services for paintings which have been in their family for generations. When it comes to finding someone reliable to help with art conservation in Deerfield Beach, FL, it helps to look for a restoration company with ample experience and the necessary qualifications.

Key Largo Framing is a member of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Work and can offer a variety of services including:

  • Oil and Watercolor Restoration
  • Sculpture Restoration
  • Photograph Conservation
  • Natural Disaster Recovery
  • Photo and Picture Framing
  • Reframing, Stretching and Warp Correction
  • Custom Art Restoration

Call Key Largo Framing today and schedule an appointment to meet with one of the art restoration experts! They can help you restore any work of art back to its original beauty!