Maintain Your Sports Memorabilia with Key Largo Framing

When it comes to preserving art, few groups of people are more passionate than sports fans. Whether it’s an autographed picture of Willie Mays, a painting by Norman Rockwell or a signed jersey by LeBron James, sports memorabilia isn’t just a hobby, it’s a huge business. One of the best ways to keep your sports memorabilia properly maintained and displayed is through custom framing.

The main benefit of custom framing your memorabilia is to preserve your priceless memories. Many people like to keep scrapbooks while others use vaults and showcases. But a custom frame give your photo, painting or jersey a more formal and classic look. Here are some reasons why you should consider custom framing as an option for your sports memorabilia or art work.

·         It makes a perfect gift - A custom frame easy to display and is the perfect gift for the sports fan in your life. It’s also very affordable.

·         It can be resold for investment – Authentic photos, pictures, paintings or jerseys are always in demand.  A custom framed piece of memorabilia can often be sold at a higher price than they were originally purchased. If you’re going to eventually sell your memorabilia, it’s important to preserve and maintain their highest quality.

·         They make great decorations – Custom framed memorabilia can be displayed in a wide variety of ways. They make great decorations for trophy and living rooms. When prominently displayed, they add color to your interior décor without having to spend extravagant amounts of money.

·         They keep your memories alive – Every sports fan has their favorite moment, player or game they like to remember. Custom framing can protect your photo or painting from dirt and humidity.  

Maintaining and preserving any collectible is crucial for a sports memorabilia enthusiast. If you’re going to take the time to custom frame your collectibles, it’s important to take your items to a reputable service which can help maintain your memorabilia. Key Largo Framing in Deerfield Beach is the perfect place for your framing needs. Owner Jack O’Connell has more than 40 years of experience of not only framing and restoring art, he is also a member of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works.  Key Largo Framing can accommodate any the following request:

  • ·         Conserve and restore all mediums including oils, watercolors, lithographs and serigraphs
  • ·         Any works on paper
  • ·         Sculpture resoration
  • ·         Provide collection assessments
  • ·         Repair damaged art and much more.

If you have sports memorabilia or art which needs custom framing, visit Key Largo Framing in Deerfield Beach today or call (954) 574-9571.