Give Your Valuable Picture a Fresh Look with Custom Framing

It’s been said a picture is worth a thousand words. But you rarely hear anything about frames. It’s a shame because frames can improve the general appeal of just about any photograph or painting. If you’re not convinced, trying removing the frame from any of your pictures and notice the difference. The material itself can improve the quality of each picture.

Frames can come in wide variety of styles and materials. A combination of wood and glass or thin steel sheets and glass are among the most popular designs.  Choosing the right frame not only improves the look of your painting or photo, it also ensures it will last for years to come. Pictures without frames can often seem naked. They’re also more susceptible to damage by water and insects.  Even household sprays and cleaners contain chemicals which can cause your pictures to become corrode. Simply adding a frame can solve most of your problems.

Adding a frame enables you to keep your pictures will remain in good condition when you’re moving to another location. Many photos or paintings can get worn out by dust and other substances while taking a trip to another location.

In some cases picture frames are considered works of art. If you’re looking to add beauty and character to a valuable or sentimental picture, Key Largo Framing in Deerfield Beach has your solution. Their professionals can provide and repair frames from a wide variety of materials and styles including ornate, antique, gold and wood. In addition to providing frames, Key Largo Framing can also repair damaged frames and restore worn out pictures to their original beauty.  Stop by our shop today at 817 South Federal Highway to receive an estimate for the repairs needed for your frame.  Our professionals can customize a frame to your exact specifications by choosing the dimensions, colors and overall look and feel of your frame.

Quality custom picture frames aren’t always easy find in Deerfield Beach. But thanks to Key Largo Framing, you can get the right type of frame to suit your individual taste. Whether you prefer ornate and opulent or stark and modern, we can create or repair a frame that will suit your style and compliment your artwork. To learn more about art restoration and conservation, stop by Key Largo Framing or call today at 9954) 574-9571.