Boca Raton Art Restoration and Art Basal Week

One of the most talked about modern art shows in the world took place in South Florida over the past week and it showcased some of the most beautiful pieces of contemporary art in existence today. The Miami Beach show first began in 2002 and has grown immensely in popularity over the past 12 years. Thousands of artists, collectors and art enthusiasts descend on Miami to showcase their work to the people. While the rest of the world is preparing for a long winter, Miami Beach is bursting with life from the beach to the everglades. Those looking to purchase some wonderful new art should check out what the Basel has to offer. When you have art work that you really care about, hiring an experienced company for Boca Raton art restoration is a smart idea. Key Largo Framing is an art restoration leader in Boca Raton who always puts the integrity of a piece of artwork first.

The Miami Art Basel is full of contemporary art, meaning you won’t see too much oil on canvas. Instead you’re going to see a wide variety of mediums and styles which might not fall under a traditional form of art. There are plenty of exhibits which will make someone stop and stare because what they’re looking at is often abstract and awe-inspiring when it comes to contemporary art. With the sheer number of galleries and presenters, it’s possible to go all week and still not see everything that Miami Art Basel has to offer. Some of the most prominent artist collectors in the world graciously offer their pieces for the public to enjoy so make sure you don’t miss it!

The event has also become a hub for music, fashion and celebrity appearances. For a week, anyone who’s anyone in music, movies and art has their eye on Miami Beach and that’s fantastic for the city. For those who are looking for a place to restore the works of art which they hold dear, Key Largo Framing can be of service. As a professional art restoration, photo retouch, and custom picture repairing and framing company, Key Largo Framing can help your works of art look their best for years to come. From paintings to sculptures, Key Largo Framing can restore all your art with competitive prices.