Art Restoration in Boca Raton, FL can Revive Your Damaged Art

Artwork is precious because of its monetary value and sentimental significance. Art is one of the few objects which increases in value over time. Paintings and photographs may be purchased for their beauty, or created by loved ones and cherished as a memento. Unfortunately, treasured works are still susceptible to damage. If your artwork has become damaged, we can provide art restoration in Boca Raton, FL that will have your art looking good as new!Art Restoration Boca Raton, FL

At Key Largo Framing, we understand that there are countless scenarios which can bring catastrophic damage to your most cherished possessions. Art is commonly damaged by rips, tears and holes. Our skilled artisans are able to repair almost any rips or holes within a work, making it look like the tear was never even there! We can fix artworks damaged by significant forces such as fire and water. We can also repair pieces which have fallen victim to the constant humidity of Boca Raton.

We believe that every piece of art is valuable and thus deserving of repair. We aim to preserve and repair cherished artwork so that it can be appreciated for generations to come. Here at Key Largo Framing, our expert team specializes in restoration of the most popular mediums of art including:

  • Oil paintings
  • Watercolors
  • Lithographs
  • Serigraphs
  • Photographs
  • Maps
  • Drawings
  • Posters

A faded or damaged painting doesn’t have the same impression as one which is in its vibrant colors and full scope. Our goal is to keep art beautiful so its stunning impressions will be left for generations to come. We provide our restoration services for institutions, galleries and private collectors alike.

We’re skilled in repairing art, but our talents don’t end there! Often, the frame which encases a treasured work is a piece of art within itself. Frames can continue the stylistic elements of the artwork, they can encapsulate the decorative trends of the time the work was created. There are many reasons for valuing the art’s frame, and there is only one place which can provide the best picture frame repair in Boca Raton, FL. A good picture frame can add to the value, aesthetics and authenticity of a piece of art. We can repair and restore your picture frame to keep your art safe and stunning. We can work with ornate, antique, gold and even wooden frames. We can treat cosmetic damages, or even structural issues such as termite damage.

At Key Largo Framing we value the significance of artwork. The art hanging in your home is much more than wall decoration. The artwork carries sentimental value and monetary significance. Just because a piece is damaged or deteriorated doesn’t mean it’s garbage. We offer art restoration in Boca Raton, Fl which can return your art to its glory and beauty for future generations to enjoy.