Revitalize Your Works of Art with New Custom Picture Frames

When it comes to art restoration, sometimes a small change can make a huge difference. One of the best ways to bring new life to an old picture or painting is to add a new custom picture frame. Deerfield Beach art restoration expert Jack O’Connell of Key Largo Framing brings more than 40 years of experience of art restoration in Deerfield Beach to design the perfect picture frame for your photo or painting. If you have a work of art that has significant monetary or personal value, it’s important to maintain its brilliance without taking anything away from its original beauty and design.

Custom picture frames can bring out a number of elements that can make your work of art even more appealing. The right picture frame is a great way to personalize your picture or painting. It lets everyone know its importance or how it reflects your individual personality. As a skilled craftsman, O’Connell utilizes techniques that have been proven refresh original works of art and give them an revitalized appearance. As an expert in art restoration, he has an intimate knowledge on the use of color, style, size, design and proportion on how to properly display your picture.

Key Largo Framing offers a wide variety of different materials to produce the ideal frame. They also provide a great selection of mouldings and mattings. This allows your picture to harmonize with the appropriate setting and reflects your own personality. But most importantly, the right custom picture frame properly protects and secures you picture. This helps maintain and even increase the value of your painting or picture. To learn more about Key Largo’s custom picture frames in Deerfield Beach, contact Jack O’Connell today.