Have You Discovered the Difference Custom Picture Frames Can Make?

Great art is meant to be enjoyed and cherished. Look around many homes throughout South Florida this Thanksgiving and you will find a picture, painting or valuable work of art that has been passed down for generations. But keeping these valuable pieces looking their best isn’t always easy. Over the course time, pictures begin to lose their original finish and begin to fade. But there are viable solutions to help your works of art look as good as new. Jack O’Connell brings more than 40 years of experience in art restoration in Deerfield Beach.

One of the most overlooked techniques to help add new life to an old picture is to add a new frame. When it comes to custom picture frames in Deerfield Beach, there isn’t a better source than Key Largo Framing. Custom picture frames aren’t just about the size of the picture or painting. O’Connell and his staff at Key Largo Framing utilize a variety of different materials and colors to help highlight accentuate the beauty of your picture or photo. Some frames are even considered works of art on their own.

O’Connell and his staff have helped revitalize numerous pictures by using the best techniques of art restoration in Deerfield Beach. Everything from watercolors, photos to paintings and lithographs can be effectively restored and repaired to look as close to new as possible, without compromising the original aesthetics of the photo.

Nothing adds more character to a home than a beautiful work of art. Make sure your paintings, photos and works of art look their best this Thanksgiving. Visit the art restoration experts at Key Largo Framing and discover the difference of adding custom picture frames in Deerfield Beach.