Trust the Best for Art Restoration in Deerfield Beach, FL

Key Largo Framing is known for custom framing and repairing frames, but we also perform art restoration in Deerfield Beach, FL. If you have a piece of artwork that needs art restoration, call Key Largo Framing at (954) 574-9571, or stop by our facility at 817 South Federal Highway, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441.

Art restoration is an art form itself. For many, many years, people have wanted artwork restored for numerous reasons. Increasing the artwork’s value is often the main motive for the art restoration. Restoration usually does that, however, most pieces of art that need art restoration are historical pieces that have suffered degradation over a period of time, affecting its current market value in a negative way. Most historical artwork of this nature are valuable because they have stood the tests of time. Reversing its effects are vital to improving the historical piece’s value.

Most of the damage to historical or antique pieces is due to improper care or conservation or storage. Paintings – which are practically the most common art forms to undergo restoration – often fall prey to a wide variety of problems. Even just hanging on a wall, paintings will eventually show signs of wear and tear over the years. Some of the problems could include: discoloration, dullness and yellowing, light exposure, air pollution, mold, mildew and damages from contaminants lingering in the air.

If you have a piece of artwork you want restored, don’t hesitate to call Key Largo Framing. We have professionals who can restore your artwork back to its original value. Call or stop by today. We will be happy to assist you.