Do You Have Sculptures That Need to Be Fixed in Deerfield Beach, FL?

Throughout time everything is bound to wear and tear no matter how much you kept your valuables safe. With that in mind, do you have sculptures that need to be fixed in Deerfield Beach, FL? Not everyone is qualified to repair treasures but you don't have to worry about that coming to Key Largo Framing. Let's dive right into why you can trust our team at Key Largo Framing and what other services we offer! 

Let us fix your sculptures for you! 

Whether your sculptures are a family heirloom or not, you can trust our team at Key Largo to handle your valuables with delicacy. We understand how fragile sculptures and that's why it's important to not just leave them with anyone. The smallest repair can take the longest time and if done wrong your sculpture will not be able to return back to life. We can work with any sculpture such as ceramics, stone, and bronze. We have been and are a proud member of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works because we hold art conservation in our hearts. Leave your sculptures with people who love and appreciate the beauty of art to make sure it looks just like it did when you bought them. We can do that for you and more! 

Other services we offer 

Since you know that you can trust us with your sculptures you should also know that we can restore other forms of art. Do you have a painting rolled up in your closet? While you may think that this amazing piece of art is best held in a place that won't be touched by anyone, you deserve to have that piece of beauty displayed and admired by everyone who walks into your house. We can create a custom frame for your precious painting and with a design that you love. Not only do we do custom framing but we can also restore any old photograph, map, or old painting! If you own a beloved work of art that has tears, water or fire damage, you will be glad to know that we can fix that for you!  

Bring your prized possessions to us! 

As you can see, we can fix almost everything for you. Don't drop off your prized possessions to just anyone when you can drop it off with the pros in the art game and that's us at Key Largo Framing. We hope to see you and your valuables soon!