Art Conservation Is Our Specialty

Art conservation and restoration is a process that is dedicated to preserving works of art from various mediums so that they can be enjoyed and admired for years to come. Art acts as a tangible representation of culture and history. Art is a creative and fully imagined reflection of the world the artist lives in. Art can teach us about societies and civilizations of times gone by, or it can remind us of important people or times in our own lives. When art is lost to age and damage, then history, emotions, and beauty are lost as well.  The proper preservation of paintings, sculptures, and other works of art can not only return them to a more beautiful state, it can also help to prevent any further damage from occurring.

Art Preservation Starts Here!

Throughout history, great efforts have been made to protect art from war, theft, and aging in order to preserve it for future generations. Robert Edsel, an American writer and art detective, chronicled a brave and ambitious attempt to recover stolen art from the Nazis during WWII in his novel, The Monument’s Men. This almost unbelievable tale of how Hitler dreamed of opening the world’s finest art museum, and the art conservators and other brave individuals who worked to recover them is about to grace the silver screen in a film starring George Clooney. While contemporary art conservation and preservation does not involve anything as life-threatening, conservators do a great service to culture and society through their work.

Photos, paintings, and other works of art will all show signs of deterioration and age, and in order to make sure that these more extreme signs are less visible, art preservationists and conservators employ a number of tactics, both classic and modern. Retouching a painting can involve something as simple as an easel and a set of paintbrushes. Conservators can also use x-ray equipment to decipher what damage has been done and what it will take to slow down and minimize it. Museums, auction houses, historical societies, and private collectors alike take advantage of art conservation and preservation services.

Art can be preserved for historical, monetary, or sentimental reasons. Key Largo Framing is a member of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, and has been charged with conservation and restoration for all mediums including oils, watercolors, serigraphs, ceramics, stone, bronze, and much more. Jack O’Connell has over forty years of experience in the field of art restoration and conservation in South Florida, so if you are interested in preserving any work of art, from a painting to a photograph or anything in between, you can trust him to work with you to respectfully restore your art to its original form.