The History of Sculptures in Deerfield Beach, Florida

Many people own precious sculptures in Deerfield Beach, Florida, yet, don't know the history of this area of visual art. Sculpture involves the creation of art objects in three dimensions — length, width, and height. Size, texture, light and shade, and color are also important design elements.Sculpture dates back to prehistoric times. Back then, sculptures looked more like cave drawings. Besides cave drawings, primary materials were clay, ivory, and bones.

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However, time progressed, and the sculptures became more magnificent, more substantial, and monumental.The ancient cultures of Egypt and Mesopotamia produced an enormous number of sculptural masterworks. The Sphinx is one of the most popular sculptures to date, standing at 65 feet tall and two hundred and forty feet long.

The Greeks are perhaps the most well-known for their beautiful and accurate depictions of many Greek peoples and Gods. Their detail to the human body and portraiture is what makes them stand out amongst the rest. Between Greek culture and the rise of Christianity, large marble pieces were built to show the strength of men and women. During these times, ivory and marble were favorite materials.

Afterward, gothic art, the renaissance period, Baroque and Rococo all flooded to the forefront of modern society. Eventually, modernism became the new way of sculpturing, encompassing extremely abstract shapes and textures as opposed to the traditional portraits. Today, people collect sculptures from all across the world, making them prized and precious possessions.

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