Art Conservation

Conserving art is an important part of ensuring that it retains its look and can continue to be appreciated by generations to come. Art conservation is a way to slow down the aging and deterioration process that will ultimately affect all works of art. Over time, paintings, photos, and works on paper begin to show signs of age. When these are left untreated, they can greatly diminish the look of the artwork, which is why special steps should always be taken to conserve any important pieces. Some pieces have historical, cultural, or monetary significance to the people that enjoy them, and others are important for more sentimental reasons. Key Largo Framing is a member of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, and this is only one reason why you should entrust your art conservation to these professionals.

Key Largo Framing has been conserving art for institutions, galleries, collectors, and private owners since 1987. Long term preservation and conservation has always been an important goal, and working closely with owners to ensure their satisfaction is met has always been a top priority as well. Preventative conservation of artwork can help avoid the need for more extensive art restoration services in the future. Caring for and conserving artwork today can help the generations to come appreciate and admire it for generations to come. Photography conservation is especially helpful to preserve memories of times gone by. Protect your paintings, photographs, and other works of art with Key Largo Framing’s professional art conservation services.