Art Restoration

Art is precious and is one of the few objects that increase in value over time. Paintings, photos, and other types of art can escalate in worth as they become older, but for many people, these works of art also bring to mind cherished memories and a sense of nostalgia. Whether your art is worth money or memories, we can expertly restore it for you so that it looks as good as new again. All physical objects begin to show wear and tear with age, including artwork. Deterioration may be subtle in some pieces, but much more drastic and noticeable in others. Professional art restoration services can help reduce the signs of age and deterioration.

At Key Largo Framing, we can restore a variety of mediums of art, including oil paintings, watercolors, lithographs, serigraphs, and much more. If you own a beloved work of art that has tears and holes, or even water or fire damage, there is hope for restoring it. We provide our services to institutions, galleries, and private collectors alike. Paintings and photographs are not the only works of art that we can restore, works on paper can also be restored to an improved state. A work on paper can be an important document, a map, a drawing, or even a poster. Before abandoning your deteriorated art, contact Key Largo Framing for our professional art restoration services and return your art to its glory and beauty.