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Help! My Picture is Damaged and Needs to be Restored

Over time, it’s natural for pictures and paintings to fade and become worn. When they start to look old and lose their natural beauty, you need your artwork to be professionally restored. At Key Largo Framing we perform professional art restoration for many different types of pictures and paintings. No matter how careful you are…
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What Makes Great Art Restoration in Boca Raton, FL?

Art is valuable to all of us. While every piece of art isn’t hanging in a museum, the art that’s within our home is perhaps even more valuable. If your art has become damaged from fire, water damage, pests or other circumstances, you may not be sure where to turn for repairs. Replacing art is…
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Art Restoration in Boca Raton, FL can Revive Your Damaged Art

Artwork is precious because of its monetary value and sentimental significance. Art is one of the few objects which increases in value over time. Paintings and photographs may be purchased for their beauty, or created by loved ones and cherished as a memento. Unfortunately, treasured works are still susceptible to damage. If your artwork has…
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