Frame Repair

A proper frame can not only add to the beauty of a work of art, it can also help to protect it. Some frames can even be classified as works of art themselves. When a frame perfectly matches the look and period of the artwork it accompanies, repairing, restoring, or conserving it is a wonderful idea to add value, aesthetics, and authenticity to the art. When a frame is in need of repair, the professionals at Key Largo Framing can be trusted to decide if restoration or conservation is the best course of action for the frame. In the case of some antique frames, reservation can actually decrease the value of a frame, and conservation and minor repairs should be performed to enhance their look and durability without lessening their value.

Ornate, antique, and gold frames can be repaired and restored to look as good as new. Wooden frames can also be repaired, even if they suffer from termite damage. Whether the damage to your frame is structural or cosmetic, Key Largo Framing can perform the necessary repairs to restore it to its original glory. Severe frame damage may require extensive repair, but the experts at Key Largo Framing can provide you with an estimate of what kind of repair your frame requires. Make sure that your frame is as good as the artwork that it is displaying with frame repair and restoration from Key Largo Framing.

A custom frame can enhance the work of art that it surrounds. By customizing your frame, you can choose the dimensions, colors, and overall look and feel of your frame. Key Largo Framing can help bring your vision to life with our custom frame design services. Whether your tastes run towards ornate and opulent or stark and modern, we can create a frame that will suit your style and complement your artwork.